Briarcliff’s Own Pitch Perfect

By Farhaanah Mohideen

A surprising number of new clubs have been created this year at Briarcliff, from the SPCA club to the new mixed acappella group. The all-female acappella group, the B-Clef Bellatones, has already become an increasingly popular outlet for singers here at school. The group meets every Thursday in the Troy Lecture Hall.

The group of about twenty girls is led by co-presidents Kelly Hooper and Jillian Agona. Their main motive for starting the club was to share their passion of music while benefitting others in a fun way. Co-president Hooper says, “The goal is to build a bond between all members. Our group is not about giving one girl a solo and putting everyone else in the background. We want our club to let girls from all grades who maybe don’t like to sing alone have a place where they can be part of a community.” Hooper and Agona both add that they aim to get girls to sing together while also sharing their love of music with the community.

This is the school’s first female acappella group, meaning that music is specifically arranged for female voices with no instrumental accompaniment. So far, the co-presidents are planning to be part of the future chorus concerts in the winter and spring, in addition to a performance at the Atria, a Christmas party, and the “Dancing for the Children” fundraiser towards the end of the school year. As of now, the Bellatones are working on some holiday pieces for the winter.

Anyone is welcome to come be a part of the group, and absolutely no previous experience is necessary. The club meets on Thursdays from 2:30-3pm. A typical club meeting would include warming up and then learning the pieces section by section with people of the same voice group (Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto 1, Alto 2, etc.). It doesn’t matter what type of singer you are, or if you’ve ever even performed before. Don’t hesitate to join, even if the shower is the only one who’s ever heard you sing!


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