Briarcliff High School’s Very Own Palm Reader: Lucy Kaminsky

By Mary Scott

Have you ever wondered what your future holds? Did that dream or test grade have any deeper, more spiritual meaning? If you’re asking these questions, pay a visit to Lucy Kaminsky, a junior here at BHS who has discovered a special, unusual talent: palm reading. While there are skeptics to her phenomenon (which there always are), Lucy has gained a following from seniors and freshmen alike, who have asked for Lucy’s readings time and time again.

Like other spiritual superpowers, Lucy’s abilities are limited. For example, Lucy has three “golden rules” when it comes to what she does:

  1. She can’t know the person too well.
  2. She needs to feel centered so that she can give it her all.
  3. She needs to connect to the person’s life in some way or another.

These rules have helped her in reading some of the most “famous” teachers of the school including Mrs. Carnahan, Mr. Lavelle, and Mrs. McCarthy. Some students have become huge supporters, a few even having readings once a week to see how things are going. Lucy’s following has gotten so huge that she cannot walk down the hall or through the library without receiving a request for a reading.
Lucy wants to make clear that what she is doing is not the orthodox way of reading palms. “I do something different where it’s less concrete future based,” she said. “I will never say that you will die on this day or you will have this many kids.” If you have ever overheard a reading or even have had one done, you know that Lucy’s readings are much more personal. Many readings are on a deeper level about inner feelings that critics can’t really argue with. People have left her readings looking sort of dazed or confused with a, “wow, I never thought about that before!” type of look on his (or her) face.



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