Restaurant Review: Mooyah

By Tucker Poux

The up-and-coming burger, fries, and shakes chain has now arrived in Briarcliff and is a new “hotspot” in the Briarcliff community. Mooyah is known for its delicious burgers and heaping piles of French fries made before your eyes. Recently, my other freshmen newspaper colleagues and I took a trip to the restaurant and see if it lived up to the hype.

Mooyah is your run-of –the-mill build-your-own-burger chain with some unique twists. This is the second location to fall upon New York, but the fast food restaurant is placed all around the world, with the majority of the restaurants being located in Texas. The menu consists of burgers, fries, shakes, hot dogs, salads and some kid’s options. The burgers are their specialty, and they are pretty delicious. There are four burger choices:  turkey, beef, double patty, or a veggie burger. Next, you create your concoction with additional options including toppings and loads of different sauces. When I went, I ordered a beef burger with cheese, pickles, onions, BBQ sauce and bacon. I was impressed with the burger itself and the combination of toppings tasted great. My only complaints with the burger is that they put a little too much sauce on top and a lot of our buns were pretty greasy and hard to handle. Let’s just say a lot of napkins were necessary when devouring these burgers.

I also thoroughly enjoyed their fries and shakes. The French fries are perfectly salted and fried so that the shell is hard but the potato on the inside is still soft. You can order sweet potato or regular fries, and I would recommend both options. Their shakes are pretty straight forward; they come in either a small or large. The small was plenty for me, and as you may expect with a milkshake, I enjoyed every last sip.

So overall, Mooyah has great fast food and milkshakes. It has a cute, unique, atmosphere and its fast service leads to quick lines so don’t fret if the line is out the door. The service was good for the most part, except for a semi-rude waitress. However, we found what looked like mold in two of our cups. We approached the workers who said they spilled sprinkles in some of their cups but better safe than sorry. They are only a few weeks old, so they might still be working out the kinks of the restaurant. In the end, I recommend checking out Mooyah and especially their delicious burgers. Out of ten stars I would say Mooyah deserves a 7.5.


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