Teacher Fashion

By Sean Fischer

Volume 67, Issue I

Ms. Murphy

As students from all grades compete to be the trendiest and best-dressed person, another group of fashionistas also joined the rivalry: teachers. Four teachers in particular show up to school everyday dressed to impress. Ms. Fernandez, Ms. McCarthy, Ms. Murphy, and Ms. Brilliant are some of the most stylish members of our school community, out-styling students from every rank of the high school, from (wanna-be) hipster freshmen to seniors who look like they should be working at a vegan coffee house in Brooklyn. Ms. Murphy is known throughout Briarcliff as the all-around best-dressed teacher, and it is believed that she has never repeated an outfit in her entire life. She describes her style as “conservative chic,” and much of her shopping is done for her by her sister, who works for the clothing line Cabi Line, “I do not enjoy shopping,” says Ms. Murphy. What lacks in passion for shopping is made up for in her outfits, which impress students everyday. Ms. Fernandez is also known for her clothes (in addition to being an incredible English teach
er),   howev

Ms. Fernandez

er, she takes a different approach to her wardrobe than just trying to be the most current person. “I’m more classic in style than trendy, I do a lot of my shopping at the LOFT, Ann Taylor, and White House Black Market,” says Ms. Fernandez. She has a lot of favorite outfits, and tries to wear all the clothes in her closet. “I love my black and white dress, and in the fall I love to wear jeans and a cozy sweater in the fall,” says Fernandez. She also cares about her twin daughter’s appearances, although she takes into account their active lifestyle, “I would say [I dress them] more casual, because they’re playing around all day, I don’t quite dress them up [the way I dress myself].” She also imparted some valuable wisdom for anyone who wants to become a fashionista like herself, “Avoid spending too much money on trendy clothes, go for more classic styles that will last you longer.” Students have also noticed her outfits, former student of Ms. Fernandez Sarah Dolgin says how “her daily fashion statements put J. Crew to shame.” Ms. McCarthy is also known as Briarcliff’s preeminent wearer of haute couture. “Surprisingly, I actually don’t spend a lot of money on clothes, I feel like if you pick the right pieces, the classic pieces it kind of can go a long way.” says McCarthy. She loves to shop at Target and Old Navy, and more recently, consignment shops (stores that sell second hand items), where she gets designer clothes for less money. “I will

Ms. McCarthy

splurge on designer dresses, like I love Lord & Taylor, because they have a lot of dresses that you can dress up or dress down.” She describes her style as preppy classic, “if you chose the right pieces, they can never go out of style… so a lot of these trendy stores I’m not into. Style is forever.” Ms. Brilliant, filling in for Spanish teacher Mrs. Dilworth, has rapidly ascended Briarcliff’s fashion hierarchy, as she always comes to school in a fun and unique outfit. “I go to the outlets in Riverhead, Long Island, because I refuse to pay full retail price for things I can get at the outlets, it’s more fun to look for bargains then it is to actually shop.”
Together, Ms. Brilliant, Ms. Fernandez, Ms. McCarthy, and Ms. Murphy make Briarcliff High School seem like it should be in a J. Crew billboard in Paris. However, the male teachers need to step up their game if they plan on out-styling the “trendy” students, a feat easily accomplished by these four Briarcliff fashion icons.




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