Charlotte Luttkus Makes Nationals

Charlotte at All State last year, with Kristen Burnette

By Sean Fischer

Volume 67, Issue I

First she had to get a perfect score on NYSSMA, then she had to get accepted into All State and participate in it for one year, then she had to send a video audition and wait to see if she got accepted. Charlotte Luttkus will be going to Nationals this year, an arduous and rare feat in it of itself. “When I first found out I was shocked, because I went in thinking I wouldn’t get in because of how hard it was,” says Charlotte. She was initially excited by the unique opportunity, but then realized how much music she was responsible for learning. Charlotte is also grateful that she will have the chance to work with the conductor from St. Olaf, one of the best choir colleg
es in America, as well as to meet kids from all over the nation who share her passion for music. Last year Charlotte went to All State in Rochester as a Soprano II, but auditioned late last spring for nationals by videotaping a piece given to her by NAFME (the organization that runs All State and Nationals) as a Soprano I, finding out in June that she had been accepted. Nationals will take place in Grape Vines, Texas on November 10 through November 14, concluding with a final performance. Charlotte started singing at a young age, not sure if she was talented enough to continue. She joined chorus in eighth grade, and did her first NYSSMA solo sophomore year, allowing her to be in All State Junior

The South American Choir at ACDA

year. Charlotte is now the president of the High School Chorus, the co-founder and president of Noteworthy (a co-ed acapella group), and the treasurer of Briarcliff Singers. Outside of the music world, she plays on the varsity field hockey and varsity softball teams. “I’d like to thank Dr. Banks for pushing me to do a NYSSMA solo, because without that I wouldn’t have done it or have gained the confidence to do any of this.”


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