Finance Club School Store

By Anthony Radovanovich

Volume 67, Issue I

Since the fall of the 2014-2015 school year, the finance club has been working tirelessly to establish a school store here on campus. After many presentations and grant applications, the group was finally able to achieve their objective and create a new school store.

IMG_2219.JPGThe store is located in the old dance studio, within the cafeteria, to the left of substation. Here, a student can find a variety of Briarcliff apparel and gear. These items however have been for sale since the 2015-2016 with the lack of a physical store. This includes: (but is not limited to) umbrellas, car magnets, sunglasses, and an array of school supplies. Their current featured product is a “Go Bears!” lanyard, very popular with junior and senior drivers. Finance club members also go the extra mile and attend most extracurricular school events such as back-to-school night

IMG_2196 2.JPG
New School Store, located in the Cafeteria next to substation

and sell items there.

As of now, the store is only open on Fridays. According to club co-president Ben Shi, however, with increased membership, the club is hoping to run the store everyday of the week. Those who volunteer do receive community service hours for their time.

Drew Shaulson (co-president) stated that the main goal of the finance club with their store is the same as nearly any business: profit. This profit is hoped to both be enough to expand the store as well as to give back to the school.

This is a truly remarkable accomplishment for all those involved and a great way to show Briarcliff pride and entrepreneurship. Both students and faculty alike would like to extend a large gratitude to the Briarcliff Manor Education Foundation as they provided the group with two grants and exercised great support regarding the idea.


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