Harambe Tape Art

By Brandon Danuff

Volume 67, Issue I

Dr. Linville’s Sculpting class once again graced the hallways of the High School building with their annual tape art projects, getting people to look up from their phones in the halls and take in the talent of their fellow students. For over 5 years, Dr. Linville’s class has been doing this project in the beginning of the school year. The project has proved very successful and attention drawing. And while it looks fun, there are several aspects student artists much work with and overcome to make a great artistic showing of their talents.

Working on a vertical surface like a wall is one of two difficult aspects of this unique undertaking. Students often have trouble “going on and putting their ideas into that big of a scale” as Dr. Linville said. That is, sure, it’s easy to put your design down on a piece of printer paper you get to look down at while sitting at a desk, not so much here. For this project, this art is really right up in your face, and you must learn to scale properly while casting your idea onto the vertical wall.

It’s really up to the artists themselves what they want to put up on the wall, so long as it’s appropriate. Of course by far the most controversial of this year’s projects was the Harambe tape art, a sort of shrine to the gorilla we all knew and loved so dearly. He ignited an internet meme firestorm, and an all-out internet assault on the Cincinnati Zoo after he was unfortunately killed earlier in the year. Other themes around the school included Briarcliff spirit, US Women’s Soccer, Disney’s The Little Mermaid and Phineas and Ferb, and the ever iconic Snoopy.

After two weeks, the artwork is taken down, and the class continues on with other projects. Next year, the cycle will repeat, and hopefully we’ll have some more controversial and awesome artwork to look at in the hallways.


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