How to Give Back Easily

By Alex Schoepke

Volume 67, Issue I

This year, instead of just having bake sales or selling cookie dough, be a little more creative in how you give back to others. Don’t worry, these new ideas are simple and maybe even easier than what you’ve done before.

Charity Miles: Charity Miles is a new app for both iPhones and Androids. Next time you go for a run, walk around your neighborhood, bike, or even use a treadmill, remember to use this app. Simply chose a charity you would like to donate money to and start moving. Available charities include everything from Nature Conservancy to Wounded Warrior Project. Thanks to generous sponsors, you can earn up to twenty-five cents per mile that you participate in your desired activity, and the pro- gram keeps track of your total mileage throughout the year. Even five minute walks will add up. So far, Charity Miles has donated over $1.7 million to charity. The best part about this app? It’s absolutely free! For more information, go to

Amazon Smile: While it’s very likely that everyone has heard of Amazon, few people know about its partner, Amazon Smile. The sites are exactly the same, except one donates a portion of your purchase to charity, and one doesn’t. Next time you are planning on buying something online, go to and search there for the item you want. It looks exactly like the Amazon site and offers all the same products for the same prices. However, for no extra charge, you can select from about one million different charities. Every time you purchase an item, 0.5% of the price will be donated to the organization that you have selected.

With these ridiculously easy ways to be a more charitable person, there are no excuses for not giving back to your favorite organizations.


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