Ms. Dyer Returns to Science Research

By Charlotte Sendek

Volume 67, Issue I

Ms. Dyer is back teaching Science Research after a two-year break! Students mostly know her as a biology teacher, but this year, she is teaching Science Research as well. Ms. Dyer has a background in forensic science, social sciences, visual arts, and writing. She hum- bly claims she isn’t an expert in any of these topics, but she has a broad interest in many fields, a necessary quality for a science research teacher as every student has their own distinct project. Ms. Dyer loves that as a science research teacher, she can help students pursue their area of interest and perhaps help them accomplish something amazing. She commented on how teaching science research is so different from any other class, for it is a student-driven class. With no strict curriculum to follow, research teachers have the end goal in mind while trying to steer their students in the right direction. During the first few weeks of school, Ms. Dyer learned about the “mentor cowbell”, which is rung when a student finds a mentor, a very exciting moment. After being asked to describe this class in one word, Ms. Dyer said “I can’t just use one… exciting, fascinating, rewarding, challenging…”. Students have positive opinions on her return. “I think it is very nice to have a teacher that I already have a relationship with after taking her biology class last year. Especially as a sophomore, while I am still trying to figure out the path of this whole experience, it is really nice to have a familiar teacher,” says research student, Julianna Brown.


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