New Club: Student Broadcasting

By Emma Wickey

Volume 67, Issue I

The Sports Broadcasting Club, created by Junior Eli Karp, is sure to stick around. Karp’s love for sports broadcasting encouraged him to create the club and spread his enthusiasm for sports throughout the school. The club is focused on providing commentary for school sports and has successfully provided commentary for five soccer games (both boys and girls), two football games, and a volleyball match. Though a large part of the club is focused on recorded commentary for now, the club is working on livestreaming games! So if you can’t make it to a game due to homework or because you’re just too lazy to go, you can livestream it. The club will also be producing their own weekly show in the future that will provide all the information you need on the latest BHS sports news.

The Sports Broadcasting Club encourages anyone and everyone to join whether you are interested in commentary, camera work, video editing, statistics and research, or something else. Don’t hesitate to go to a meeting and offer any ideas or skills. The meeting days vary but every week or so, the club will meet to talk about broad- casting tips and tricks, sports (obviously), and eventually, the club will start to lm the weekly roundtable show. To learn more about the club, search Eli Karp on YouTube and you will find his channel containing numerous recorded games with commentary or analysis and conversation on professional sports. Also, Karp encourages all BHS students to like the Briarcliff Sports Broadcasting page on Facebook where content will be posted as well. Who knows, maybe Briarcliff will foster the next Bob Costas, Al Michaels, or Pam Oliver!


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