Library Furniture Update

Volume 67, Issue I


My life was forever changed September 7th, 2016, 7:40 AM when I entered Briarcliff High School. Most people know this as the first day of school. But for me this is the date I saw the library décor was different, and nothing would ever be the same.

Friends would turn to me and say, “Wow, I really like the new setup,” and yes I do agree it was time for the library to be updated. But there was something so familiar about the stained carpet and vandalized cubicles that made me feel like home. I can’t quite understand why the library had such a hold on me, and I guess I’ll never really know library.jpgwhy. First things first, let me just say I do think the new library is kind of styling. The tables are nice and clean and the couch area makes for a great place to chill. However I do feel a little awkward sitting at the new cubicles. The divider is not quite high enough, so you can easily see across to the other side. Not that I don’t like to see everyone’s glowing faces, but when I’m in the heat of homework, it’s easy to get distracted when someone is staring across the way. The library does offer a coloring station, which I am very fond of. Recently I colored a oral piece that said, “Dream Big.” Most coloring options are highly motivational and inspiring. The word of the day and riddle of the week still remain and there is a chess station that is available to all.


With the new layout of the library, it has become a much more open, social space. It is easy to hang out with your friends, or just do work if need be. If the intention of the changes in the library were to create an atmosphere that nurtures community and education then I would say it succeeds. I will always miss the old library and all its weird quirks, but the new library is not too shabby.


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