New Teachers

By Willow Horowitz

Volume 67, Issue I

This school year Briarcliff High School has been lucky enough to get two new teachers. The new additions to Briarcliff’s faculty include Ms. Vingo and Mrs. Brilliant. Both of these teachers bring something new and different to Briarcliff High School. Both Ms.Vingo and Mrs. Brilliant have the common goal of helping students get educated and overall excel in life.

I got the chance to sit down and interview each new teacher. Ms.Vingo is teaching English to 9th, 11th, and 12th graders. Prior to coming to Briarcliff High School, Ms.Vingo taught in the Bronx, Maryland, and most recently at Tuckahoe High School. Ms.Vingo became a teacher not only for her love for reading and writing, but also to be able to connect with kids and help them throughout their High School years. Ms.Vingo’s passion for teaching and helping students will surely have a positive impact on the Briarcliff School District.


Another new teacher is Mrs. Brilliant, who teaches Spanish to Grade 10 and 12. Mrs. Brilliant taught Spanish at Scarsdale High School and the Brearley School in Manhattan. Mrs. Brilliant teaches Spanish because of her Hispanic background and her love for the Hispanic culture. With Briarcliff High School’s great faculty, we are going to have a wonderful school year!


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