Interview With Student Body Presidents

By Bailey Winiarski

Volume 67, Issue I

An interview with the Briarcliff High School Co- Presidents

I sat down with our student body co- presidents, Jackie Contento and Julia Duffy, for a quick interview about their hopes for the school year, the responsibilities they hold, and what they are hoping to accomplish for their nal year here at BHS. They are two very intelligent and extremely well rounded students, and I was very eager to hear their responses.

Briarcliff Bulletin: “How does it feel to have all of the power as presidents for your senior year?”

Jackie: “I love being president for senior year because we get certain privileges like organizing pep rally and doing the morning announcements. I feel like we can easily connect the students to the teachers.”

Julia: “It is nice to have the power our senior year because we get to hear about the latest ideas and add our input before anyone else does.”

BB: “What do you plan on changing and/ or not changing this year in the school?”

Jackie: “We want to make this year fun, and to accept others ideas as well. Now you get to decide what color gown, with support from the GSA, you wear for graduation and we added knockout to pep rally in place of the out t change race.”

Julia: “We hope to add a powderpuff game to boost school spirit and hopefully raise some money for the

senior class. We also want to be more accessible than previous presidents to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard.”

BB: “How do you deal with the responsibility of making up for the faults of your peers this year?”

Jackie: “It is dif cult to take full responsibility for others actions but as presidents we must take on any and all issues. It is especially hard to implement new ideas when others take advantage of privileges, like the chalk outside for example.”

Julia: “It is dif cult when people do things that could potentially result in losing privileges next year but I have learned a lot about taking responsibility for my own actions and hopefully others will do the same.”

BB: “Is there anything you wish you had the power to do that you can’t? If so, why?”

Jackie: “We wanted to add superlatives to the yearbook but we understand that it may not be fair for the entire student body.”

Julia: “I wish I had the power to make a prom committee.”

BB: “If you had one thing to say to the student body, what would it be?”

Jackie: “I would say to maintain a work hard/ play hard mindset. As long as you stay focused and organized with school work, students deserve to have fun without the stress. Yell until you lose your voice at pep rally, attend school varsity games, and spend time with your friends. These 4 years go by fast.”

Julia: “I would say, in the words of Coach Ryan, hard work equals results.”

From this interview, it is very easy to see that our student body co- presidents are more than capable of handling every single responsibility that comes along with the job. Just like all of you, they are hoping to have a beneficial and fun school year ahead, and maybe even make some changes along the way. Go Bears!


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