Briarcliff Bulletin Shuts Down: This is Our Last Issue

By Sarah Albert

Volume 67, Issue I

Say goodbye to your beloved Briarcliff Bulletin! After over 90 years of honorable, intellectual and satirical writing, the dynasty of the Briarcliff Bulletin is coming to a close. Established during the 1920s, the Briarcliff Bulletin was the one and only school paper offering all of the current news, sports, and arts updates to its loyal supporters; the BHS student body. The paper is no more, and this 67th edition will be the last this student

body will ever see.

There have been several complaints from the student body, sayingBulletin Logo.jpg that on monthly distribution days the editors are “too aggressive for the mornings” in the monthly distribution of the paper. This is a reasonable complaint, as we understand that the mornings are meant to be a time of sulking, death stares, and a preferable time of silence for many. In addition to this, custodians have noti ed the Bulletin
that they dread distribution day, as for them it is a day consisting of staying at the school until late hours of the evening removing newspapers wedged underneath lockers and piecing apart the newspaper carpeting that covers the cool linoleum floors of BHS. Several students have suffered major injuries from the hazards of these misplaced papers, including a broken ankle and two concussions.


In addition, the amount of paper and ink required for the printing of each edition is significant and not worth the trouble as most of the papers are not even read and appreciated to their full value. The Board of Education has decided to cut funding for the paper in order to support the re-turfing of all the fields and more spinny, showy, ill-purposed and ineffective furniture for each classroom. We are sorry to inform our loyal supporters that it has come to this point. We part with such sorrow. Thank you for almost a century of support, and we say not “goodbye” but a “see-you-later.” Our parting wisdom we leave with you is, “It’s not us, it’s you.”

Our next issue comes out in late January.


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