Is It Even Possible to Keep New Year’s Resolutions?

By Sarah Albert

Volume 67, Issue II

Year after year, we aim high and set optimistic yet unrealistic goals for ourselves in the new year. This year I’ll be smarter, kinder and better!! Commonly, we nd ourselves promising to be more productive and stop procrastinating, be more positive, eat healthier, stop spending as much, etc. Well, the truth is, making these unrealistic goals is just setting you up for failure!. It’s also hard to change habits so abruptly, such as procrastination and work out schedules. Why change yourself when you can set an easy goal and be done with it?! This New Years, try for something a bit more attainable, that way it will be harder to give up on your resolution in the third week of January. Or better yet, because no one ever accomplishes their resolutions and feels guilty, try for ones you don’t even need to feel bad about not accomplishing! Here are some fun, easy resolutions to get you well on your way:

1. Wash your face at least once a week
2. Recreate the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel on a grain of rice

3. Tie your shoes
4. Donate your spleen to a child in need
5. Learn to sneeze without closing your eyes
6. Walk from the gym to your locker without stopping for a sandwich

7. Translate your history textbook into Sanskrit
8. Drink a glass of water
9. Do every assignment for the whole year on one night and do your friends’ assignments while you’re at it!
10. Call your siblings/dogs/pets/ teachers the right names

Better yet- don’t make any resolutions! You’re good enough the way you are, you’ve made it this far…


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