Jordan Kim: Killing the Instagram Game

By Rebecca Leon

Volume 67, Issue II

If you’re big in the world of Instagram, you may have noticed senior Jordan Kim’s steady rise in popularity and notoriety. Why you may ask? Because of his photography. He posts his artwork on Instagram with the username @jrdnkim, and each post receives anything from 150 to 400 likes in a matter of days. Jordan’s photographs range from predominately nature, to his friends and family, and even to some thoughtful self-portraits. His photographs have a general “moody” aestjrdnkm.jpghetic, capturing faded landscapes and cool colors. Jordan says that he is, “Trying to make the most of what New York has to offer,” as he features many local landscapes and sites in his photographs. When asked what inspires his photos, he says that he is primarily influenced by other Instagram users with popular photography accounts, drawing inspiration from their unique photographs. Jordan uses either a Canon 6d or a Sony a6000 camera for his sought after photoshoots, edits his favorite shots, captions each photo with a short personal anecdote, and gives them a post. So if you’re hoping to snap a “Jordan Kim-esque” photo on your iPhone 6, it may be time to invest in a better camera.


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