Relocation of the Briarcliff Deli

By Amelia Leahy

Volume 67, Issue II

As many of you know, the Briarcliff Market & Deli has announced that it is moving locations. The new deli will be located just across the street at the old Twist building. Recently, Briarcliff Market & Deli owner, Frank, purchased the store across the street. He purchased that space because this expenditure would provide him with more business opportunities. Although that space is a bit smaller than the space that they occupy now, that store is a standalone, which is much more desirable in retail and can benefit him and his business in the future. Overall, that location is worth more. The new location also offers customers outdoor seating, which is something that Frank has always desired. As of now, either a bakery or a gym will take the old deli’s spot. There is a spacious downstairs of the deli that has potential to function as a gym. It is de nitely certain that it will not be another deli.

In addition to the new location of the Briarcliff Market, customers can expect to see some new changes within the deli as well. It has been announced that there will be extra

items added onto the deli’s current menu. Some of the latest options that will be offered are soft serve ice-cream and a thirst-quenching juice bar. Of course, the deli’s customer favorites will continue to be served, such as bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches and iced coffee. An exciting feature that will also be a great add on to the move is the new system that will be implemented. The staff at the deli has decided to provide customers the option to be able to text in their orders. Then, their orders will be brought out to their car now that the new location allows cars to drive right up to the store. This is a great, efficient choice that many customers are looking forward to in order to skip out on lines if they are in a bit of a rush.

The deli is scheduled to move at the end of January. Despite a new location, you will still be able to pop in to order your “go-to” wrap, place a bet on the upcoming football games, or just to say hello to the friendliest staff in town. We wish the Briarcliff Deli good luck with the move and we cannot wait to visit the new location!


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