Briarcliff’s Original Fight Song

By Sean Fischer

Volume 66, Issue V

At the Briarcliff Centennial Variety Show in 2002, which celebrated Briarcliff’s centennial, Miss Briarcliff drew a standing ovation for her performance of the Briarcliff High School fight song. Miss Briarcliff, Eileen Weber, otherwise known as Briarcliff’s first cheerleader, was born here in 1918, and has lived here until her recent passing. Weber resurrected the song by calling old classmates to piece together the lyrics. The fight song dates back to 1927:

Here’s to our dear old B.H.S.FullSizeRender.jpg

We love you dearly, and so sincerely

We’ll always try to do our best,

We’ll never fail you in the test, So!


Here’s to our dear old school, and to its colors true.

Our school will lead the rest, here’s to old (shout) B M H S

We all will see it through, the orange and the blue,

Honor and love it too, with loyal zest.


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