The CSI Chairambes

By Alyssa Nadler

Volume 67, Issue II

When the Briarcliff community thinks of winter sports, they tend to leave out one very important team: The CSI Chairambes. It is a group of Jewish kids playing basketball for our local temple. They travel for their games and have been doing very well. They are a group of proud players who work hard to make their team and families proud. James Fludgate recently sat down with a few of the players and their manager to ask some questions about the Chairambes.

The two players interviewed were Spencer Heitzler and Jeremy Kesten and their manager is Cole Bashford. The two players have been playing for years and enjoy the sport a lot. Cole, the manager, used to play and now finds more joy in Jew Ball.jpegmotivating the team and cheering them on. He likes to refer to himself as a “glorified cheerleader.” The three of them rely heavily on their coach Dan Singer, who is the father of one of the players. With Dan Singer in charge, an invested manager, and players who love the game, the Chairambes are hoping to make it farther this year than they had in previous years. When asked how far they have made it in the past Spencer responded only to first round, while Cole and Jeremy were on the team when they made it to a second round.

The CSI team rely on each other as motivators and as friends. When Fludgate asked the members who was the greatest motivator in their lives, Cole replied that he enjoys pushing himself, so he is his own motivator. Jeremy’s biggest motivator is his manager, Cole. And Spencer, being the sensitive soul that he is replied that his family has been his biggest motivator. Spencer’s kind heart came out again when asked if he had any pregame rituals. Spencer can ensure that he will have a successful game whenever he hugs his mother before he steps out onto the court. Cole’s pregame ritual is to hype up the team with a motivational chant, and Jeremy’s ritual is to pump up Jake Hardy in order to prepare the star player for the game.

The Chairambes are a team dedicated to basketball and they need your support. You can go support the CSI Chairambes by going to their games. They play at the JCC in Harrison or the Halen School in New Rochelle. Watch them as they work to defeat their main rivals, the Matzah Ballers.


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