Things to Do While Waiting for the Next Bulletin to Come Out

By Sean Fischer
Volume 67, Issue III

All the students and faculty at BHS anxiously await every new edition of the Bulletin, that is just a know fact. What still remains a mystery is how our readers pass the time in between issues. Here is a list of activities that could ease your angst (and pass the time).

1) Go for a stroll. The fresh air will relax your busy mind, unless you stumble upon the New York Times in your neighbor’s driveway. If you encounter this situation, I recommend angrily throwing the paper at their front door, and then calmly continue walking like nothing happened.

2) Drink some tea. If the paper tag on the tea bag reminds you of the paper and that the Bulletin hasn’t come out in a month and that you really want to read about teacher fashion and that you can’t wait to walk through the line of editors early Friday morning and that you really really want to read about the pavilion fire, just calm down and sip your tea.

3) Meditate. Try focusing on your breathing, if that doesn’t work, maybe try asking your doctor to put you in an induced coma until the Bulletin finally comes out again and you can find out whether Ms. Murphy or Ms. Fernandez is rocking new fashion trends (spoiler: they both are).


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