Dress for Comfort and Style this Winter

By Sarah Dolgin

Volume 67, Issue II

As the weather gets frostier and the need for warmer layers catches up with us, many nd it hard to look less like a marshmallow and look more fashionable. Although most are under the impression that large winter jackets and boots look frumpy and boring, there are many unique and trendy ways to keep winter fashion trends up to date! Trench coats are the new ski jacket and bomber jackets are replacing those old puffers altogether. These different jackets can have you walking down the street with fashion blog paparazzi this chilly season. Retro sweaters with crazy patterns and bold-colored boots are all the rage since vintage trends are coming back (as shown in Teen Vogue’s December edition). Whether you’re wearing a sweater

dress or a knit cardigan the snow will be sure to match your cozy wear. For those summer fashion lovers out there it’s not time to give up hope! Skirts and tank tops can be de nitely present in your winter wardrobe this year. Urban Out tters has put out a ne selection of colored corduroy skirts and knit tights so that summer garments can make an appearance in your winter wardrobe. Also, layering is a new trend in which tanks can work on top of long sleeves (which can be seen on the Brandy Melville page) that will let you keep your favorites present year round! See? Winter fashion isn’t so bad, it can be a lot of fun! Winter is a time for bundling up and enjoying the snowy season as much as it is for enjoying the cool colors and knit patterns present in fashion for this time of year.


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