Be More Basic: Halloween Costume Edition

Volume 68, Issue I
By Annie Dineen

Halloween season has come and gone. That doesn’t mean it’s too early to start planning for next year. The annual question that accompanies Halloween season is what to dress up as. There are two main options: either continue your record of being a cat for the fourth straight year or buy a fifty dollar costume from the store that most likely doesn’t fit in some places and is itchy all over. You could always be something scary or do group costume but that’s too much effort (and do you really like your friends enough to do that?). Forget the pitiful puns. Whatever you pick, you’ll likely have hesitations that night.

Maybe pick something that ts your personality. If you like sports you could be a baseball player, or if you like theatre you could dress up as your favorite singer. There costumes are meant to scare, cause laughter, or at least get free candy. Halloween instas are meant to (pumpkin) spice up the feed anyway.

Pennywise: This costume, if done correctly, will make everyone around you pee their pants. Just get some face paint supplies and follow any YouTube tutorial to create a horrifying masterpiece and carry around a couple of red balloons.

Disclaimer: you might get assaulted by angry mobs, but hey, Halloween is only once a year.

An emoji: Whether or not you want to do this as a group costume or not, being an emoji is super easy. At any dollar store or even online, you can find anything emoji-themed. From leggings to socks, deck yourself out by dressing in all yellow and using an iron-on sticker on your shirt.

Baywatch: This comedy created all sorts of buzz about being a lifeguard. So, if you already have some supplies like a whistle and a visor, go for it. Finding a Baywatch bathing suit is cheap and easy, too.

A meme: this is most likely impractical and really difficult but one hundred percent worth it. If done right, you will get a laugh out of everyone walking down the halls or at a Halloween party. It doesn’t matter exactly what you do, as long as people will get it. Some possibilities are Kermit the Frog drinking Lipton tea, Salt bae or just anything that makes you laugh.

Social Media Icons: This group costume can include Facebook, Snapchat, twitter and Instagram. Maybe even Myspace and Tumblr depending on how many friends you have (sorry to those friends because they’re irrelevant). Wear a shirt with the logo; you can find it online, add some matching bottoms, and you are good to go.

Halloween only comes once a year, so don’t mess this up. If you don’t like any of the above suggestions then google something. You could’ve done that ve minutes ago before reading, but I appreciate the support. Anyway, have a happy Halloween and if you see any balloons tied to a storm drain near your house, I guess you won’t be alive to tell if my article was helpful. Happy haunting!


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