The Best of NYFW

Volume 68, Issue I
By Emma Wickey

September 7 was the chaotic and overwhelming New York Fashion Week. Models and bloggers scoured the streets of NewYork City, running from show to show. Recognized in this article are some of the best collections and designers that worked so tirelessly at their craft.

Let’s begin with the most notable show of the week: Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein’s new designer, Raf Simons, took the lead on this collection and did not disappoint. Color-blocked silk shirts tucked into low-rise silk pants were an allusion to cowboys in the sleekest possible way. Nylon shirts and dresses were complimented by vinyl gloves and fringe bags. There was a reason this show was a highlight for NYFW; it revived the reputation of American fashion designers.


Another incredible show was Tibi, a brand that most people have never heard of. Personally, this was my favorite show of NYFW. It was wearable and casual yet still fashionable enough to turn heads. Monochromatic out ts blazed the runway, and with minimal prints, the color choices were crucial to the collection. Burnt orange, crisp white, and gracious lavender were chosen carefully. Tibi also sported the increasingly popular trend of suits. The checked blazers and pants were complimented by clear corsets and brightly colored belts. Designer Amy Smilovic took inspiration from street style in the 80s and created an absolutely

stunning collection.

Similar to the Calvin Klein collection, designer Stuart Vever, for Coach 1941, also drew inspiration from the American wild west. Suede jackets with leather detailing as well as structured jean jackets clearly represented American fashion. The dresses were coated in dark glitter and lace features along the neckline. The dark ambiance of the runway complimented the dark tones in the pieces. However, the most important contribution to the collection was the in uence of Keith Haring. Vever took inspiration from the late artist and included many of Haring’s drawings as prints on the clothes. Haring’s artwork was so impactful that it caused Vever to break down in tears at the conclusion of the show.

For the final NYFW highlight, I would like to acknowledge a new brand: Area. Area is a brand that is quickly rising to the top, and it de nitely had one of the best collections of the week. Inspired by the 80s, the models rocked teal, purple, and old-lady orals. Conversely, the collection was also bursting with an essence of new and now. Pants suits, color-blocking, bright colors, and a monochromatic style; designers Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Panszczyk hit the nail on the head with this collection. Modern and effortless from all angles, Area will de nitely be a brand to watch.


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