10 Basic Briarcliff Fall Things

Volume 68, Issue I
By Emma Wickey

1. Apple and/or Pumpkin Picking There is nothing like going into the vast and plentiful farmland of Putnam or Dutchess County to pick apples you won’t eat and pumpkins you won’t carve. On the bright side, it will get some good photo ops for the gram.
2. Devour Pumpkin Spice Lattes Enough said.

Photo by Sean Fischer

3. Bring out the Circle Scarfs
Also known as in nity scarfs, they will keep you warm (or suffocate you).4. Wear Vineyard Vines and/or Patagonia Quarter Zips
It’s not fall without these comfy sweatshirts.
5. Take out Timberlands and Uggs Guys, break out those Timbs! Girls, it’s Ugg season! You know it’s fall when you hear these clunky boots dragging across the hallways.
6. Stress over Halloween plans and costumes
A stress-free Halloween? Forget it.

7. Sit down with friends to devise a plan on how to not get seriously injured while Black

Friday shopping You have to get those sales.

8. Get sad when the sun starts to set at four o’clock
Just let it happen.
9. Watch the leaves change color Photosynthesis is pretty beautiful.

10. Continually singing Christmas music in their heads
Don’t lie, we all do it.


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