Mr. Shapiro Retires

Volume 68, Issue I
By Claire Goldstein and Will Zimmerman

At the beginning of the school year, a horror the students never saw coming hit them hard. Substation administrator Mr. Shapiro retired. Kind of. I guess. As Briarcliff High School’s only substitute teacher, Mr. Shapiro was officially a sub for every single student during his nine years with the school. Far too busy for an actual interview, Shapiro answered a set of questions over email.

BB: When did you start working in Briarcliff?
Shapiro: I started day-to-day subbing in Briarcliff in both the middle and high schools in 2008.

Has your job changed over the years?
The job has changed, yes. I started as a full day-to-day substitute and then I became part of the new substation in 2012. This was a full time position (5 years). The biggest change was the installation of substation as the way to handle teacher absences in the high school.

What are some of your favorite memories at Briarcliff?
My favorite memories are my numerous interactions with many, many students! I’ve had so many moments of kindness, friendliness and fun with both the faculty and the student body.

What was the most exciting day you had a Briarcliff?
The day that we lost electricity and had to spend part of an afternoon in the cafeteria crowded together.

How do you think you left your mark on our school?
I have helped to transform and facilitate the way that teacher absences are conducted by the substation.

What was the best part of your job?

The students! I always enjoyed the daily exchanges students and classes.

What will you miss most?

I will miss the daily interactions with the great students.

What was the reaction that you received when you announced your retirement?
The reaction was incredible! Many students were incredulous and upset! Some said they were sad, some angry, but all said that they would miss me.

Were you surprised by this reaction?

I wasn’t too surprised. I always had great relationships, built on mutual respect and appreciation, with every student at BHS.

What are your plans for retirement?

I plan to keep working from time to time, but my wife and I also plan to do some enjoyable traveling.

Did you enjoy your time at Briarcliff?

Yes – my time here at BHS has been wonderful! Expect to see me again. I plan to be in school from time to time!

Mr. Shapiro hasn’t left us completely. He currently spends a portion of his day in the main of ce handling administrative duties and stamping dismissal notes.


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