Pleasantville’s Pearl: Pubstreet Review

Volume 68, Issue I
By Tucker Poux

When you think about Pleasantville food, what comes to mind? Mexican? Pizza? Sushi? Indian? Probably not seafood. Pleasantville lacked any semblance of great seafood restaurants until chef Mogan Anthony strolled into town, bringing with him a taste of delicious seafood. Pubstreet opened its doors in September to a huge crowd wait- ing to get its hands on some oysters. Situated right off Pleasantville’s main drag in the old Iron Horse Grill, Pubstreet’s inside is very modern and chic. The layout and vibe can make it a little noisy at times, but it gives off the feeling of a waterside locale.

Eating at Pubstreet was a rare occasion; I had an extremely hard time ordering– everything appealed to me. I highly recommend previewing the menu online before visiting so you don’t sit there for an hour and continuously tell your waiter that you need a few more minutes.

While Pubstreet is primarily a sea- food restaurant, its dishes have traces of American comfort food with a twist. Along with its classic seafood dishes, the new hot spot boasts a variety of land fare, including pasta dishes, steak, burgers and a sublime fried chicken sandwich. But I went there for the seafood. If you’re a fan of shellfish, sample the raw bar. Oysters on the half shell, clams, shrimp cocktail: it’s like you’re taking a quick trip to the beach. The oysters come from both the East Coast and the West Coast, and it all tastes fresh. If you’re still trying to narrow down your choices, go tried and true with a buttery lobster roll. If fancy is your forte, the whole grilled Branzino is the way to go.

As with any restaurant this popular, going during rush hour is a mistake; you will be waiting a while for a table. However, a restaurant this delicious has its drawbacks. Pubstreet does not take reservations either. The restaurant does have a bar, but you may be clamoring for a seat there too. But, make time to make Pubstreet your next dinner out. You won’t want to miss out on this gem.


2 thoughts on “Pleasantville’s Pearl: Pubstreet Review

  1. Tucker. You need to do your homework a lot better. Per my recollection and experience, there is but 1 Mexican and 1 Indian restaurant in P’ville. You failed to mentioned there are truly an overwhelming # of Italian restaurants, but only 2 Sushi. When you say “Pleasantville lacked any semblance of great sea- food restaurants”, you are greatly mistaken. Did you forget Bistro 146 in P’ville Village? A fine place with a great menu and warm and friendly service. It’s OK to heap praise on a newcomer, but you need to get around. Your lack of research makes your article less authentic and less credible. Just sayin’.

    1. Mr. Rosen,
      Thank you for your comments, but I respectively take issue with some of the points you brought up in your response. In terms of Mexican, there is Don Juan’s, and I’d argue that Sundance Deli is a Mexican restaurant as well (with Sundance being one of the most well-known food establishments among the Briarcliff student body.) In terms of Indian, there is Bollywood and Little Mumbai Market (which is another very well known restaurant at least at Briarcliff High School). I also mentioned pizza in my opening statement which accounts for most of the Italian restaurants in P’ville. I appreciate your insight on Bistro 146, a restaurant that I felt I could not comment on as I had never been, nor have I heard it being talked about among the Briarcliff community. But I might have to give it a try after your gushing review. Thanks again for your comments, Mr. Rosen.

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