NHS Inductee Numbers Rise at BHS

By Caroline Adams
Volume 68, Issue II

In recent years, BHS has seen great increase in the number of juniors and seniors inducted into the National Honor Society. Induction into the NHS is offered to students earning 93% average and exhibiting great leadership, service, and character. Just look- ing at the NHS plaque wall op- posite the nurse’s of ce, one can see the immense growth the NHS has had at Briarcliff. In 1972, as few as eight people were inducted into NHS. Now, nearly half of re- cent classes were inducted.

NHS Co-President Sajan Bar speaks at the 2017 Induction Ceremony

In the graduating class of 2017, 66 stu- dents were in the NHS, and in 2016, 51 students were accepted. Some credit the recent increase in inductions to less challenging criteria, but is a 93% too low? While a 93% seems like a solid grade at BHS, in other parts of the country, a 93% is exceptional. In fact, NHS sets the minimum grade at an 85% for admission, but Briarcliff has increased its stan- dards. Pleasantville High School only requires a 90% for admission, and Ossining High School just requires an 88% average. Ben Harris, a junior currently in the NHS, says of the recent rise in in- ductions, “I do not believe it is an easy feat. Being inducted into the

NHS requires a lot of hard work. Aside from maintaining good grades, a good work ethic and character are base requirements for the NHS. It is important that you have a desire to help people as well (as evidenced by the Blood Drive and tutoring offered). I believe the increase in inductees is not because it is easy but shows the work ethic, character, and desire to help others of Briarcliff students.” Philip Kim, also a junior in the NHS, says it might be too easy. Is the rise in inductions a result of easier criteria, or does it reflect a wave of increasingly intelligent students? Miranda Bramson, a BHS graduate and former NHS student, says, “To be honest, I think it was pretty easy to get in.” She claims the required GPA when she graduated (2014) was a 90. If this is the case, then in fact, it has become harder to get in. What explains the increasing number of BHS students in the NHS? Some students believe acceptance is easy, but others believe that the NHS is a difficult achievement. Perhaps the rise in inductions is a result of smarter students along with the new technology that has been introduced. Either way, BHS’s rising NHS inductions are a thing to be proud of and truly reflect the work of Briarcliff students.


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