Parents: Worry About your Hips, not About Being Hip

By Charlotte Fink
Volume 68, Issue II

Parents, stop trying to emulate your kids. Whether it’s the precarious fashion decisions or the pitiful attempts at teenage lingo, please stick to being parents and don’t be #highschoolforever.

As a high schooler, I can tell you that you can’t quite pull off camo the way your 15-year-old daughters can. Sorry parents, your glory days have passed. Please start dressing your age. In 2017 fashion trends consist of camou age clothing, chokers attached to shirts and fishnets under clothes. Moms need to stop stealing their daughter’s Brandy Melville clothing and need to go buy their own clothes. When I see a teenage girl walking down the street wearing one of these fashion musts, I think “how cute!” When I see a friend’s mom, however, trying to pull off a camo tank top, do I think the same thing? I think we know the answer to that question. Go out, buy a suit or some stylish, tasteful women’s clothing! Go shopping at Lord and Taylor,not in your daughter’s closet.

Let’s talk about texting for a second. Dad, you can’t make up your own abbreviations. Al- though it might seem like many common text abbreviations are made up by your kids, they’re not. Believe it or not, texting code is intricate. “LOL” may be short for “laugh out loud,” but HWYM does not exist and it does not mean “how was your morning?” One more thing: let’s stop with the selfies. Kids these days are constantly taking pictures of themselves making pointless faces like the duck lips or tongues out. I don’t know about you, but my Instagram feed doesn’t need to be filled with pictures of mom’s making duck faces. Let’s leave selfies and snapchat to the generation that grew up with them.

The point is, parents, just relax a little bit and let your kids be young. Wear your shnets around the house, not in public. It’s okay to act like adults and feel old sometimes, but you don’t need to act like your kids to connect with them.


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