Sean and Sarah’s Social Q’s

By Sean Fischer and Sarah Dolgin
Volume 68, Issue II

Sarah and Sean’s Social Qs has been established upon the basis of exemplary advice giving. As wisdom gurus, Sean and Sarah will be accepting anonymous questions and will apply said wisdom to help solve any and all problems, whether they concern school troubles, or life troubles. Questions can be submitted to the Bulletin email, or Sean and Sarah can be contacted individually.
– Sean Fisher and Sarah Dolgin (please take everything with a grain of salt)

Suspicious Rocky’s Date?
Guys I’m legit dying: I think the boyf is cheating on me. First of all, I’ve been really busy with SAT prep and sports, and I think he feels neglected. First, he posts on insta with this girl who I’m like really close with, and it was totally done just to make me jealous. Then, I saw him BUY ANOTHER GIRL MAC AND CHEESE BITES AT ROCKY’S! Am I crazy? Should do I confront him???
-Anonymous Junior

Listen, Chica, it’s one thing to post with one your close friends. That’s not something to be upset about so give it that double tap and keep scrolling. It’s another thing to EVER buy mac bites for another girl. That crosses a big red line. You can do so much better, and frankly it’s unlikely that you will be able to recover from such trauma. Hit him up with that “peace out Girl Scout!” and tell him to collect his records and change his number, because you deserve someone who will exclusively buy you mac bites.

Accidental B-Day Invite for Fish
First off, I place all blame for this situation on the tech department and Dr. Kaishian. If they hadn’t been sooooo adamant about one-to-one devices and improving our education and learning environment, then none of this would have happened. So I was emailing my Sweet Sixteen invite to my friends on my school Mac, when I accidently invited Ms. Fishman. The email sent and I literally flipped out. Like, what if I get in trouble for this, or what if she gets in trouble for using gmail with a student (which is like, really dangerous or something)?!?! Please help, and Fish if you read this I am deeply sorry and if you feel like coming…. just RSVP.
-Anonymous Senior

Anonymous Junior, we really don’t see the problem with what happened; it would be best to accept the situation and move on. Why wouldn’t you want the wonderful Ms. Fishman digging into Fudgy the Whale on your sixteenth birthday? You’re living the dream, kiddo, forget Manifest Destiny! In the future, try to keep track of your inbox and who you invite to what event (also no gmail, like what were you thinking), but luckily your mistake was more of a miracle. Enjoy the party and maybe accidentally invite us?


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