Deli Showdown: Sundance VS Rocky’s

By Kyle Harris
Volume 68, Issue III

Debating Rocky’s Deli versus Sundance Deli is one of BHS students’ most opinionated discussions. I took a poll of 21 BHS students and found that 13 (62%) chose Rocky’s while 8 (32%) chose Sundance. I have always gone to Rocky’s due to its convenient proximity to my house, but recently I have gone to Sundance nearly three times per week and I have grown to like it even more. There are five major points of comparison:

When you walk into Rocky’s, you immediately feel like you’re having fun. From the random conversations with people at 2 a.m. to the nice and funny workers, everything about this mom-and-pop deli makes you have a good time. Sundance, however, doesn’t provide the same ambiance and experience. The people don’t go out of their way to be as friendly, and they just focus on getting the food, which some would consider a good thing. However, that’s not me. Advantage: Rocky’s.

Signature Sandwiches
The first time I walked into Sundance I was told of two different wraps that I needed to get. After my first experience I decided to try a new person’s favorite sandwich every time I went. What I came to find out is with every new person I talked I found a new sandwich or wrap that I HAD to try. They were all delicious. Rocky’s is more of a one or two signature sandwich type of deli. The most popular ones are the Liz-B and the Hashtag, which are great, but the sheer number of choices makes one more inclined to go to Sundance. Advantage: Sundance.

Stopping at a deli before a big road trip or even before school is something most families have experienced. For this reason, breakfast is such an important part of the Deli experience. Rocky’s has a better bacon egg and cheese, better bagels, better muffins and donuts, and better coffee than Sundance. There is simply no contest. Advantage: Rocky’s.

After School Snack
It’s 2:18 and the student populus is starving. A go-to place is needed to grab a snack before sports or even just to eat at home. Sundance’s sheer number of choices and availability of different items like steak and chili serve as a change of pace and give reason to choose it for the common daily deli run. Advantage: Sundance.

The final and tie-breaking category is where things can get hairy. Although Rocky’s may be faster at getting you your sandwich on time, the long line leaves something to be desired. Many students like to call Rocky’s ahead of time to place their orders, but the deli sometimes turns off its phone when the line gets too long. For this reason, Sundance gets the advantage. Advantage: Sundance

Sundance may be the winner through my five categories, but I do not think it is a clear winner. Rocky’s contains the intangibles to make it the best deli in the world, which is why it won the poll. The key is the late night and early morning convenience of Rocky’s. Anytime in between, though, Sundance takes the W.


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