Denggg, Daniel: Artist Spotlight

By Julia Orientale
Volume 68, Issue III

Junior Daniel Deng has been wowing BHS with his artistic abilities and talents. His artistic road wasn’t consistent, though. Deng first pursued art when he was younger but later stopped. When high school started he got back into art and began to work on it seriously. Deng says he works in the realm of realism, primarily using oil paints. Occasionally, he says, his interests in computer graphics and animation and will inspire him to create digital or graphic design pieces.

Deng says he enjoys exploring various forms of art and draws from many sources of inspiration. A piece called Father by the Chinese painter Luo Zhongli allowed Deng to realize art’s storytelling potential and its use to convey emotions. He continues to explore art by incorporating different themes into his pieces. In the future he hopes to use reflections of personal experiences as the focus of his pieces. As a senior Deng will create a portfolio to submit to colleges that incorporates all types of art forms. He plans on continuing to study art and to use his special talents throughout college.


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