Fortnite Takes BHS, and World, by Storm

By Kyle Harris
Volume 68, Issue IV

Victory Royale. You probably see Snapchat stories with a picture of those words on a TV screen a lot. Seeing those words on a TV or computer screen might represent the best moment in a teenage boy’s life. But what does “Victory Royale” actually mean?

Fortnite has taken over lives and has quickly become one of the most popular video games on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. The free game involves 100 separate players being dropped onto an island. The players must pick up weapons and eliminate each other until only one player (or squad) stands. The words “Victory Royale” ash onto the screen of the last player standing when one player remains. In the ensuing moments, the face of the gamer lights up.

Game modes include Solos, Duos and Squads along with a few other special game modes that have come out for short periods of time such as “Teams of 20.” The effect on lives that this game has had cannot be overlooked. When outside of school, students rush to their basements, or wherever their console is set up, to play this addicting and awesome game.

“Free time has become Fortnite time, simple as that,” said Junior Dan Huegel (Gamertag: dhuegel3) about his attachment to Fortnite. He could not be more right.

Junior Kevin O’Donnell (Gamertag: Laxbros11) said the camaraderie with teammates may be the best part of the game.

“There is nothing better than getting through 6 hours of school, coming home and winning a Fortnite match with the boys,” said O’Donnell.

As easily as this video game can create or strengthen friendships, it can just as easily tear friendships apart. Fights and arguments about who is the best Fortnite player can become heated to the point where no one backs down. “Well I’m the best there is,” said senior Tucker Wexler (Gamertag: xSWOOSH22x) when asked who is the best Fortnite player in BHS. “Plain and Simple, when I wake up in the morning I exude excellence.”

This attitude may lead to arguments with teammates, but if you can talk the talk AND walk the walk it may not matter.

The popularity of this game goes much farther than just Briarcliff High School. It has truly taken the world by storm like no game has in a very long time, if ever. From memes about Fortnite ending relationships to streamers such as Ninja and Myth making a living off of this hype, Fortnite is all anyone talks about.

One downfall of this addicting game is choosing to play instead of doing work.

“There have been a number of long nights of work because of my refusal to get off of Fortnite without a win,” said Junior Alex Benson (Gamertag: axle1313). This may summarize the lives of many students who have not yet learned how to balance work and gaming successfully. It can lead to being up very late doing work that could have been finished much earlier or just not doing work period.

Fortnite has strengthened many friendships and has connected people back with old friends through the bond of a video game.

Thank you, Fortnite.
Sincerely, every boy in America.


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