Schwab and Johnson Qualify for Swimming Nationals

By Izzy Gualtiere
Volume 68, Issue IV

Freshman Darrien Johnsen and Sophomore Carly Schwab have qualified to swim at the ISCA Junior Nationals Championship in Virginia. Darrien will be swimming the 100 yard-breastroke, after qualifying with a time of 59.87 seconds. He had this goal in mind since the beginning of September and accomplished it in a very timely fashion. At first, he wanted to break the minute mark but when he realized he was close to the quali cation cut, he pushed for it. His next goal is to qualify in the 200 yard- breastroke because he is four seconds away.

Carly will be swimming seven races in Virginia; the 100 yard-breaststroke, the 50 yard-breaststroke, the 200 yard-breaststroke, the 100 yard-freestyle, the 50 yard-freestyle, the 200 yard-freestyle, and the 100 yard individual medley. This is Carly’s second Junior Nationals trip, after she qualified for the meet last year as well. When asked about which race she is looking forward to the most Carly said, “I think I’m most excited to swim the 50 [yard] breaststroke because this is one of the only meets that has that event.” Her next goal is to qualify for the US OPEN which is this summer.

Best of luck to Carly and Darrien!


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