Lombardi Reaches 1000 Point Milestone as Sophomore

By Stephanie Markowitz
Volume 68, Issue IV

lombardiSophomore captain of varsity girls basketball Alana Lombardi scored her one-thousandth point in a January 23 game at Westlake. The sophomore is one of only nine girls in Briarcliff history to reach this milestone.

Lombardi has been on the varsity team since eighth grade, and there are no doubts her basketball future is bright. Despite this incredible feat, Lombardi is modest.

“It’s not about points, it’s more about the team than individual scoring,” she said.

She also credited the people around her for helping her reach this point.

“My teammates are so supportive, we are very united and Coach Don is really nice and helpful,” Lombardi said. “We’re all friends, and there’s a good dynamic.”

Considering her success thus far, it is predictable Lombardi wants to play basketball in college.

“Basketball keeps me on the right path, and leads me to good opportunities, and I want to keep my options open for college,” said Lombardi.

She also pointed out her favorite memory as an athlete, recalling when the girls’ team beat Valhalla in the Section 1 semifinal at the County Center last year. Although the Bears fell short to Irvington in the section final, Lombardi had another stellar year, averaging about 21 points per game, and the Bears are predicted to be right back in the Section One final next year. “Scoring is a highlight of my playing so far, and basketball is really fun for me.”


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