Art Students Take Inspiration Back to BHS After Trip to the Met

By Zoe London
Volume 68, Issue IV

On February 13, Briarcliff art students took on New York City and saw what the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) had to offer.

The students, led by Ms. Ritacco and her husband, first explored the Met Breuer, which presents both modern and contemporary works by artists from all around the world, including standouts Leon Golub and Anselm Kiefer.

Leon Golub: Raw Nerve the exhibit revealed Golub’s commitment to social justice during the time of expressionism. Similarly, Anselm Kiefer’s Provocations exhibit also focused on social issues by publishing photo essays detailing Germany during World War II.

The trip served to add to the classes’ studies. Student Stephanie Markowitz, sophomore, detailed how Mr. Desidevio described the vast differences between the artists’ styles.

“Leon Golub’s harsh brushwork was really three dimensional, since he used a technique to put additional layers of paint,” Ritacco said. It is in stark contrast to the “delicate painting” of David Hockney, an artist the students later observed in the Met.

After those exhibits, the group got to explore the rest of the famed art museum. Markowitz highlighted artists David Hockney and Thomas Cole, saying “the realistic quality of Hockney’s work corresponded to the still life assignments in class.”

Students finished the visit by viewing Renaissance and Impressionist paintings, giving them inspiration to take back to the art room.


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