Student Gov. “Matchomatics”

By Zoe London
Volume 68, Issue IV

Student Government recently put on an innovative fundraiser, using the website Matchomatics to offer BHS students a chance to discover their compatibility with others. Students filled out the online question and the Matchomatics company processed the results to determine who throughout the student body people are most compatible with. The compatibility survey contained questions from personality traits to dream cars.

“As Student Government, part of our job is to organize community events and the funds to support them,” said Class of 2020 co-president Emma Smoler. Funds raised by Student Government provide supplies for various school events such as the annual Senior Citizens’ Tea. With money raised from this activity and others, the government was working towards hosting a pre-BHS musical dinner for senior citizens.

“It is important the Student Government found a way to reach out to the whole school,” Smoler said. Bake sales, while delicious, don’t always pull great interest and turnout, which Matchomatics did by raising conversation throughout the halls. Planning began last year to use Matchomatics as a unique fundraising activity, and steps were taken to reach out to the company producing the surveys, to communicate the message back to the students, giving everybody enough time to complete their survey, and lastly, to process the results through the company. “Ms. Gordon and Ms. Manchisi were really supportive in making sure we had an exciting way to involve students,” Smoler said.


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