Art Show Review

By Sarah Dolgin
Volume 68, Issue V

There are many fun things to look back on from the annual BHS Art Salon held at Sleepy Hollow Country Club. The seniors wrapped up their AP portfolios, putting on display a multitude of impressive and unique works as representation of the dedication they bring to art class each and every day. Every senior in the AP course compiled 24 works for his/ her portfolio under his/her own individual theme.

The College Drawing Fundamentals class produced both large pastel self-portraits and a Cubist influence cube. The dedication of Ms. Ritacco to the annual production of the art salon is what makes it such a successful event. Her preparation for the exposure of parents, friends, and families to the expression and technique developed by their children is nothing short of amazing. Ritacco is the inspiration that helps her students finding their focuses and the art that speaks to them. Through her encouraging words, guiding advice and endless help with developing techniques and applying them to one’s own passions, she has created a foundation for the celebration of art enjoyed by all.

art show

In addition to the works of the art students, the films produced by the Film class and Film Club were shown, representing the hard work and talent of the lm students and their teacher Ms. Mandel. She continues to amaze those who see the works produced by her students, and the talent is evident in those who worked extremely hard to produce witty and enjoyable films for all to see.

Mr. Brooks’s digital photography and traditional darkroom photography students as well as Ms. Dubin and Ms. Reno’s studio-art students had their photographs, ceramic works and prints on display, respectively. The décor, artwork, films and music were nothing short of phenomenal to add finishing touches to a classy event celebrating students and their artistic abilities.


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