Teachers District-Wide Learn to Code

By Emma Konrad
Volume 69, Issue I

Briarcliff is becoming more and more tech savvy. Step one was becoming one to one with our technology where every student gets a laptop. Step two is teachers learning how to code.

Teachers, district wide, will be learning through Apple programs, on-line self-instruction, district professional development opportunities, and collaborative sharing amongst colleagues. Another resource for teachers could be their own students who already know the skills.  “Students teaching teachers was a fantastic experience last spring,” shared Mrs. French.

The decision for teachers to learn how to code was a simple one. Coding is and most definitely will be a major part of society and education. It is crucial to learn these skills so that teachers can implement these skills into the curriculum. This skill set will allow students to be prepared once they leave Briarcliff.  “The district recognizes the strategies and value of understanding problem solving. Not all teachers must learn to code. However, the experience of coding breaks down misconceptions that coding only applies to Computer Science course, which is why all grade levels and departments are exposed to the coding,” explained Mrs. French.  These skills apply to all subject areas including non-stem departments because it teaches both teachers and students different ways to approach a problem. Coding teaches us how to break down and analyze problems into logical steps. Debugging teaches students how to learn from their mistakes and simultaneously how to effectively and efficiently correct them. Mrs. French disclosed that “coding provides an open mindset that we all learn from our successes and failures.  Instilling perseverance to evaluate errors and continue to pursue solutions.”

Additionally, coding is important because it shows students different ways the knowledge being taught in the classroom is applicable to real world scenarios. There is a lot of freedom within coding to apply different aspects of knowledge and interest. Since there are no limits and infinite applications, coding is a great way for students and teachers alike to be creative. These endless possibilities provide people with an open mindset as to what they will do with their skills and the freedom to experiment.



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