VBS Wins Mt. Pleasant Cup, Ends Seven Year Drought

By Tyler Cho
Volume 69, Issue I

The Briarcliff Boys Varsity Soccer Team beat Valhalla 1-0 to claim the Mount Pleasant Cup. Briarcliff hadn’t won the four-team tournament for seven years prior to the victory, which took place on September 8. The one and only goal scored by Briarcliff was put in the top left corner by right midfielder Justin Duffy. The goal came in the 75th minute putting Briarcliff barely ahead in the closing stages of the game. I asked Justin how it felt to score the winning goal and receive the cup. He replied “It felt really good to finally execute, but it was really a team win. We [the team] were getting pretty frustrated towards the end of the game because we couldn’t put one away, but we just had to keep playing our game.” Other stars of the game were goalkeeper Andrew Kanovsky, making three key saves, and midfield captain Colby Cho who earned MVP. These players as well as the rest of the team and the Briarcliff student section were the keys to winning this game and making the Bears victorious once again.



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