Tips for Freshman

By Izzy Gualtiere & Daly Stoop
Volume 69, Issue I

  1. Don’t clog the hallways.

This is a big one that irritates so many people. I get it; it’s early in the morning, and you want to walk or hangout with your friends, but seriously try not to stand in a line or walk really slowly or just do anything that prevents people from moving. This is so annoying. There is nothing worse than trying to get to class super early in the morning and then facing a zillion freshmen just standing in the middle of the hallway talking or not moving, forcing others to elbow the way out of this area packed with people.

  1. Cheer at games.

If you decide to go to a sports game such as one of the lacrosse, soccer, or football games, and you sit in the student section, there is only one major rule that you need to abide by and that is that you need to cheer. So many times, I have attended a game where it is only the upperclassmen cheering, and it just gets awkward if part of the student section just stands there with their arms crossed.

  1. Stay organized!

It’s easy to stay organized at the beginning of the year.  But once the first quarter comes to a close, everything usually starts to get scattered. Take some time to reorganize yourself every few weeks and you won’t regret it, especially when a teacher asks for a specific worksheet you did two weeks ago.

  1. Don’t stress yourself out, plan ahead!

It is hard to get adjusted to high school… freshman grades matter a lot, but if you plan ahead and don’t procrastinate, you will do yourself a big favor. It is hard if you have two tests Wednesday, a quiz on Thursday and an essay due Friday. If you focus on what you have coming ahead and do a little bit each night, you will be a more successful student overall. Don’t wait until the last night to start your essay or start to study. Cramming in lots of work at the last minute is very stressful and won’t help you.

  1. Join clubs and other after school activities

Remember to join clubs/organizations and sports that interest you. You can make lots of new friends, not only your grade but other grades as well. They are a lot of fun to be a part of and will enhance your overall experience in high school.



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