A Plastic Ocean: Briarcliff Gets Involved in Climate Change

By Jason Sendek & Jack Sendek
Volume 69, Issue I

A Plastic Ocean, directed by Craig Leeson, shows the startling amount of plastic waste that has accumulated in the ocean. Single-use plastic bags break down into micro-plastics that can take thousands of years to fully decompose. This has led to a buildup of plastic in areas of the ocean. Currently, the Pacific Garbage Patch contains more than six hundred thousand square miles of ocean waste. Small pieces of plastic interfere with aquatic life and can clog vital organs if ingested. The oceans are polluted with eight million tons of plastic yearly. A Plastic Ocean tells the story of how the filming of a blue whale showed that the ocean is a plastic soup and how the shocking issue of ocean pollution isn’t recognized by most people. The eye-opening movie will be shown at the Briarcliff Manor Public Library on October 16 at 6:30 P.M.

           The Briarcliff Manor community is involved in recognition of and action against plastic pollution. A committee is working on a petition to put a cost on single-use plastic bags in stores throughout the town. The committee hopes that a fine on plastic bags will promote the use of reusable bags. Neighboring towns such as Croton have already passed laws against plastic bags. The fewer plastic bags in circulation, the less plastic will end up in the ocean. However, the plastic that is already in the ocean must still be removed. The committee is working with the Briarcliff Manor community to make a greener planet.



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