How are Schedules Made?

By Ada Hossfeld
Volume 69, Issue I

“Why don’t I have classes with my friends this year?” “Why do I have this teacher and not that teacher?” These frequently asked questions can end up occupying students’ minds throughout their high school careers as well as make them feel varying emotions, depending on whether their classes are filled with their friends or not. So how are all of BHS students’ schedules created and organized? I asked guidance counselor Mrs. Ryan this question. She took me through the steps of creating well-balanced class schedules and how they are able to keep them that way, even after the school year starts and students change switch around classes.

The first thing one should know when learning the system is that all of the schedules are put together using the software system Eschool. Already by the end of March, the guidance office begins implementing each student’s course requests and teacher recommendations to do so-called “spins.” These “spins” allow the software to try to organize schedules that will work for everyone. These spins are run until the schedules are perfect and all the classes are balanced. Mrs. Ryan explained that before school starts in September all BHS classes are perfectly balanced. Students will request changes in their schedules, and the software allows for these alterations to be made. Eschool creates the best systematic versions of schedules it can based on the information that guidance feeds it, but of course, these schedules won’t necessarily meet all personal preferences. Even though Eschool isn’t perfect, Mrs. Ryan “can’t imagine doing it by hand.” Whatever you do, don’t take imperfect scheduling personally, and remember, there is always next year to finally perfect your schedule.



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