Winter Track Spotlight

track bulletin.png
Matthew Burnette, Matt Li, Marc Rogers, Bryant Seok

By Stephanie Markowitz
Volume 69, Issue II

Over the years, the BHS Winter Track team has broken numerous school records, attained high ranks in league and state competitions, and sent athletes to incredible colleges to continue pursuing their talent for the sport. This year, the team has the potential to enjoy a similar pattern of victories. Armed with exceptional talent from grades eight through twelve, as well as a new team-building approach from a skilled lineup of captains, the track team has lofty aspirations and inspiring motivation.

This season, the captains are amplifying their efforts to celebrate the achievements of individuals and to make every team member feel supported, no matter their grade level. This is especially important in a sport like track, where the actual events are completed by individual athletes, rather than a team working together as a unit. The captains are encouraging everyone to cheer for all of their fellow teammates during meets in order to create a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive community. Completions of individual goals are celebrated by the entire team, and the sprinting and distance teams are much more unified and connected than they were in past years. The team hopes to win Leagues on both the girls’ side, boys’ side, and various relay teams. The girls and boys 4×4, the boys 4×1, and the boys 4×8 are potential qualifiers for the prestigious Penn Relays in April.

Senior and captain Charlotte Sendek commented on the encouraging community that’s been built on the shared experience of working hard at practice every day and finding the self-motivation to achieve personal bests and meet-winning races and throws. “When I joined the team during my junior year, it took me a while to transition to the track community. I think it’s so important that I make sure everyone is included, whether they are eighth, ninth, or tenth graders. I want to make a fun, inclusive environment for everyone. Track has had such a big impact on my life, so it should have a big impact on everyone else’s,” said Sendek. Charlotte went on to talk about the small but auspicious and talented girls’ team, and how their constant support for one another and intense practices have caused them to become close friends. “Unlike cross country, track is all about getting points. We’re putting all of the girls into multiple events each, including ones that they might not have as much experience in. This way, we’ll be able to get points in as many areas as we can.”

Finally, Sendek commented on the relationship between the team members and the coaches. “We have two very different coaches,” Sendek said. “Coach Ryan knows everything there is to know about running, and just listening to him makes you such a better runner. Coach Rose is so approachable; we get to see him in the hallway and he talks to us about how we’re eating and sleeping and staying hydrated. They work very closely together, and that makes the sprinting and distance teams so much more cohesive.”

Regardless of how far the team advances in competition, their enthusiasm and togetherness are inspiring. The coaches, captains, and athletes have a great determination to push everyone to be the best that they can be, and the school looks forward to seeing them strive for greatness and impress once again.



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