Apple Crisp Teacher Development Day

By Will Zimmerman
Volume 69, Issue II

While Briarcliff teachers learned about the functionality of Apple products from Apple experts, high school students enjoyed a rare, middle-of-the-week, day off. Inside the high school, teachers worked to learn about the functionality of different Apple products, as well as new opportunities and programs that will enhance what they are doing inside the classroom. Outside the classroom, Apple Crisp day became a celebratory event for students, who used the Tuesday to do whatever they crisp.png

Faculty members learned about using Apple services, such as the calendar and photo features. Foreign language teachers were taught about a new program they could use in their classes. The program, named DILL, gives students the opportunity to do their own, independent learning on their devices, which can then be checked and revised by teachers.

While teachers were working hard, students were hardly working. Kyle Harris, exhausted from playing the night before in varsity boys’ basketball’s win over Putnam Valley, enjoyed sleeping in on Tuesday. “Sleeping in is the best, I was so thrilled we came away with the W,” said Kyle.

Junior Drew Winiarski took the Tuesday to enjoy the Bronx Zoo with fellow student Charlie Boyar. “We really loved the elephants because of how big they are,” they reflected.

Meanwhile, senior Elias Hoffner took a day trip to Rye Playland with his dad where he rode the Dragon Coaster an astounding four times, surpassing his previous personal record. He commemorated the experience by buying a Playland fidget spinner and a dragon coaster water bottle. After returning home from Playland, Elias buckled down to study for his calc test on Wednesday. “Those derivatives destroyed me,” he added.

The mid-week day off was definitely a win-lose situation for the students and teachers. The students are thinking of putting together a petition to have the first Tuesday of every month off. Maybe the next day off will be a Smart Board Soiree.



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