Artist Spotlight: Regine Navarro

By Julia Orientale
Volume 69, Issue II

Regine Navarro has always had a passion for photography; her love for it clicked in Mr. Brooks’s high school photography class. She is inspired by how a single moment has the power to tell an entire story and can be interpreted so many different ways, and she strongly believes that a picture is worth a thousand words. Navarro’s specialty is traditional film photography. She loves the element of surprise involved in it; she can’t see the photos until they are developed and finds that they end up being more candid. She enjoys the process: taking the photo, developing it, and finally printing it.regine.png

As a future architecture student, Navarro focuses primarily on patterns and structures and likes the way that shapes can be manipulated through composition. She also loves being able to capture moments with friends that she can later reminisce about. This love for photography and architecture inspired her to take a summer course at Cooper Union, where her main objective was to take a seemingly ordinary object (she chose an umbrella) and transform it into a habitable space. “What fascinated me the most about the program was how I was able to take something so simple and transform it into something completely new and unrecognizable. I loved going through the architectural process,” said Regine.

Currently, she is working on a portfolio about the transformation of simple objects. It will be focused on deconstructing different components of an object and reunifying them into something completely new. She plans on using collage, model making, drawing, and Photoshop as mediums to help convey her overarching theme of transformation. Next year, Regine plans to continue studying photography in college by mixing it into her architecture curriculum.



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