Coach Friedman Becomes Head Coach for VBB

By Jacob Aframian
Volume 69, Issue II

Winter sports are back in session at Briarcliff High School, and the  boys’ varsity basketball team is back and ready to embark on a new season. Finishing their previous season with a record of 22-5, the Bears have made a name for themselves. Last year, they won the Section 1 Title, along with Regionals, eventually going to  States for the first time in school history. While they lost in the semifinals, their perseverance and exemplary sportsmanship did not go unnoticed. Ushered in with the new season will be new leadership. Head Coach, Cody Moffett, will not be returning after five seasons at the helm, as he sadly left the Briarcliff team to take on a new opportunity. While the news of his departure from the team saddened them at first, they knew he would bring great leadership and charisma to his new team, as he had at Briarcliff.

Nick Friedman will be the next head coach of the boys’ varsity basketball team at Briarcliff High School. Nick Friedman was Coach Moffett’s lead assistant coach, and his reputation is nothing short of impressive. When asked for his source of inspiration as a coach, he remarked upon coaching as his way to get back into the game of basketball. When Coach Friedman heard the news that Moffett would not be returning, he said: “I was emotional and very bittersweet. I’m really happy for him and excited about his next chapter.”

Another addition to the Briarcliff Varsity Boys’ Basketball Team is assistant Coach Ezra Elliot. When asked about his coaching skills, Coach Friedman described Coach Elliot as a great fit for Briarcliff Basketball.“From a personality standpoint, he is a great fit culturally for the program.He fits right in with the type of mentality that we try to have and translate to the guys,” stated Friedman.

To start off the new season, Coach Friedman has set many expectations for his team: “1. win a section championship. 2. win a state championship. 3. to develop great student-athletes, young men, and to make sure they leave the program better than when they came in, on and off the court.” As he has stayed in touch with many of his former players, Friedman explained that it means a lot to him when his former players reach out to him, relaying his dedication to his team members by taking the time to get to know each player. Five years ago, Coach Moffet and Coach Friedman made it their goal to “turn it from a team to a program, and from a program to a family.” The two certainly surpassed their goal, and Friedman will continue to create a strong community within the team for years to come, carrying on the incredible reputation set by Coach Moffet and himself.        



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