Squash Team Makes it to Nationals

By Jolie Wasserman
Volume 69, Issue II

The inaugural season of the varsity girls’ squash team has arrived. The fastest growing sport in Briarcliff Manor, which already has a boys’ team, will now have eight girls sporting their own team in the coming winter.

Captains of the girls’ team, Isabel Schumacher and Caroline Adams, were kind enough to share their input on the spirit of the squash team. According to Caroline, there are many misconceptions out there about the competitiveness of squash. She recounted an expression she once heard that “racquetball is to squash as checkers is to chess.” She explained that unlike racquetball, squash is “pretty intense” as the importance of strategy prevails over the strength of a hit. Both captains stressed the point that there is a wide variety of skill levels amongst the players of the squash team, from team members who just started playing, to experienced squash enthusiasts.

Sophomores Isabel and Caroline have risen to the challenge of captaining a high school sports team at such a young age. Isabel noted that she is excited to learn how to be an effective leader while improving on her squash skills.

The squash team appreciates that it is being taken seriously, and it hopes to expand in the years to come. The captains would like to extend the opportunity to take complimentary squash lessons at Sleepy Hollow Country Club and invite anyone interested in the sport to join the squash team next year.



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