Recap of Dancing for the Children Fundraiser

By Sarah Albert
Volume 69, Issue IV

BHS, along with the Dancing for the Children team, host- ed the 5th Annual Dancing for the Children Concert on Sunday, April 28th. The fundraiser, featuring dance companies and studios from throughout Westchester and raises proceeds for the Ossining Children’s Center, was founded by Jasmine Bar in 2014 with the hope of spreading her passion for dance and community involvement.

This year, Letitia Chan led organization for the fundraiser, accompanied by Zoe London, Rachel Sukonnik, social media chair Mathena Chan, and tickets sales head Catharine Mazzola. The five coordinatorsworked effectively to expand through communication this year through creating Facebook and Instagram pages. The Insta- gram account, spearheaded by Mathena, consisted of bios for the coordinators as well as stu- dio reveals and countdown posts to advertise for the show. Six dance studios were featured this year: The Pulse, Dance Nyaad, Westchester Ballet Center, SnDProductions, Steffi Nossen School of Dance, and Westchester Dance Artists.


The coordinators also worked to build a stronger relationship with Ossining Children’s Center, visiting several times and teaching dance classes to the kids.

“It was super gratifying bringing everyone together withdance. The studios’ flexibility truly made it happen. Ossining Children’s Center is such an important function of the community and we are so grateful to bring awareness to what they do,” said Zoe London, a two year volunteer for Dancing for the Children.

The show succeeded in raising over $3,000 for Ossining Children’s Center, which will go toward funding tuitions for low-income families and field trips for the children.

Dancing for the Children is a product of students who are passionate about not only their interests but the interests of the community. The event is a meaningful addition to the Westchester Community, uniting students under the love of dance.


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