Seniors Too Scared to Skip?

By Sarah Dolgin
Volume 69, Issue IV

As the end of the year approaches, the springtime has brought in its typical wave of showers, flowers, and apparently senior “cowards,” according to some.

Clearly, it is extremely important as a senior to fulfill your responsibility of missing an important day of classes to go bowling, frolicking about, etc. Each year, every single senior receives a package of irresponbilities to partake in prior to their graduation, and the graduating class is not allowed to graduate until all tasks have been completed.

This package, known as the “Totally Top-Secret Package for Seniors,” contains a variety of demands from the past graduating class, only to be revised to their liking upon their completion of the list included within the package. This year, one of the tasks included the tradition of skipping a day of senior year, yet for some reason approximately 88% of all seniors came to school in the morning, and all unfortunately had to go to doctor appointments at the same exact time halfway through the day.


Although seniors acknowledge that they wished they could complete their duties as seniors, the majority of the class felt that they had to follow through with their moral code and cooperate with their parents, who had the school office’s phone lines ringing nonstop in order to make sure that their seniors were getting the proper access to leave the school grounds in order to take care of nothing other than health issues, orthodontia, and other boring prior engagements.

With record breaking attendance, it became clear that this year’s senior class would fail to complete the class of 2018’s set of senior demands, and therefore will not be graduating due to their unwillingness to leave school unless it is for a doctor’s appointment.

The faculty is beyond disappointed, and the administration has released a statement regarding the collective doctor’s appointment of the senior class: “We believe that as a Briarcliff Bear, each senior must finish out the year with courage and dignity, and by attending school during at least a portion of senior skip day, the class of 2019 has proven to be a tremendous let-down.”

Moving forward, it is the hope of the district that the seniors will take more risks, and compromise their academics in order to have more fun outside of school grounds. For the class of 2020, Briarcliff High School will be providing transportation and snacks in order to encourage the seniors to stay far away from school grounds on senior skip day to fulfill the senior prophecy, and in turn have the ability to graduate.


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