The Class of 2021 will be Joined by a Few More

By Jolie Wasserman
Volume 71, Issue II

Even though the Briarcliff School District has worked endlessly to ensure the safety and well-being of students, faculty, and staff, Covid-19 has taken a toll on many of us. Notably, many of our beloved high school teachers and administrators have decided to retire; 2021 will be the last year of service to the Briarcliff community for Mrs. French, Mr. Diamente, Mr. Inglis, Mr. Hamlin, Ms. Marcel, Ms. Allison Murphy, Mrs. Romano, and Dr. Saar. It is without saying that we will miss them all but hope that retirement will bring quality family time and alleviate the stress of teaching, mentoring, and somehow corralling a herd of impressionable teenagers every day.

Mrs. French, we will miss your warm smile that seems to thaw out the hallways on a frigid winter day. Your endless devotion to the welfare of the student body demonstrates the compassion that you exude.

Mr. Diamente, we will miss your witty spirit and technological prowess. The technology classroom and engineering club serve as an inspiration for many STEM-oriented students.

Mr. Inglis, we will miss your anecdotes about your garden, fashionable socks, your life stories, and all things British. Your impromptu nature hikes and casual cricket highlight viewing parties allow students to feel comfortable in the classroom as well as nourishing a collaborative environment.

Mr. Hamlin, we will miss your high fives in the hallway and infectious smile that welcomes everyone into your resource room. Your support in the classroom and on the court gives us the confidence to achieve greatness wherever life takes us.

Ms. Marcel, we will miss your familiar face, the first thing we see when venturing into guidance. Your determination to conquer the ever-changing technology of Outlook not only serves as a point of humor but also as inspiration to one day be as persistent as you are.

Ms. Murphy, we will miss your calming presence and yoga teachings. It is important to have a health teacher who is as supportive and knowledgeable as you are.

Mrs. Romano, we will miss your welcoming presence and contagious laughter. It is a pleasure whenever we see you in the halls or the main office, and we can’t help but start up a conversation.

Dr. Saar, we will miss failing to solve your riddle of the day and the anticipation of the inevitable triple box. Your love for chemistry shows through all of the times you exploded petri dishes and spilled a mole of water on a pupil just to see the curiosity and excitement in your students’ eyes.

Briarcliff High school will surely miss all of this year’s retirees, and we are thankful for all of the years of dedication and commitment to their students.


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