Editorial by Sean Fischer

By Sean Fischer
Volume 69, Issue IV

There’s something special about the Class of 2019. Maybe each graduating class feels that way towards the end of their high school career, but for me, I’ve grown to appreciate the uniqueness of the energy, community, and vigor that our grade exemplifies. Over the past thirteen years, I’ve watched my classmates grow into the people they are today, and with them, I’ve grown too and become the best version of myself through their help and constant presence. It’s easy to forget how unique that shared experience of growing up together is, and how lucky we are to have had each other and all the incredible faculty in the Briarcliff Schools in our lives. Just yesterday, as I was driving into town, I drove past Amanda. She waved, I waved back, and it all hit me. This person and I, although we aren’t close friends, have shared every meaningful experience together. The first day of kindergarten, popcorn factory, Nature’s Classroom, Fifth Grade Graduation, countless band concerts, all of the middle school social drama, the first day of high school, the days of high school where the hours dragged and we had way too much homework to do, and now this: graduation. A special bond exists between me and Amanda because of this. It exists between each and every one of us. We’re all members of a very exclusive club, where the prerequisite for admission is having grown up together and the final rewards are lifelong friends and a solid understanding of who you are as an individual. We’ve changed together, made friends together, fought and cried together, celebrated victories together, partied together, and learned together. It’s easy to want to escape the Briarcliff bubble; what’s harder is coming to terms with the fact that we are all about to leave our community and push that bond between us to its limits. Even so, I can’t wait for the moment when I see all my classmates at our fiftieth high school reunion and feel and see that bond once more.

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